By 2019 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video… so it’s high time we all got on board with it!

It also just so happens that making them is one of my fave things. I am a self starting presenter who can work in pressured environments, I worked on hospital radio as a presenter for several years and am a confident gabbler.

‘Blessed’ with a highly plasticine expressive face, I am making the most of it before the wrinkles set in later in life!

Check out a few highlights below and if you have a video project you want to talk about please get in touch.


The Booziest Marathon in the World


RSPCA Kids on Animals


Nicest Job in Britain Short Campaign Vid


Life and health benefits of voting for Alice


RSPCA Sponsored Crawl Plea


1 min application reel for the Nicest Job in Britain


Spreading good karma through the streets of London


Yoyoing in Vegas with strangers


£1 a day Burns Night Supper

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