1. Terms of Use


The stuff what I write on here is a view taken from my own head and my experiences or my reading.

I will try and keep things up to date but I can’t make any promises everything is accurate and up to date as I’m often busy trying to get stains off my clothing than re-reading and updating stuff.

  1.   Copyright Policy

Unless you and I agree in writing otherwise then, I Alice Biggar am the legal owner of everything you can find here. Or I am using it in good faith that I have the owner’s blessing or permission (if that belief is mistaken – please tell me so I can sort it out!).

I have got some snazzy links here and there, the content of external links are not my responsibility.

  1.   Hold Harmless

This blog is designed to entertain and inform. I no longer practice as a solicitor so please don’t think I am giving you any legal or professional advice. You can interpret content as you would like, I don’t have any control over what you do with the information and nor do I insist you share my views. Variety is after all the spice of life.

  1.   Privacy Statement

I don’t collect personal details but you can always follow the blog, a function managed by wordpress my publishing tool who have their own privacy policy on this, I take no responsibility for it. If you’re having trouble sleeping perhaps dig it out and read.

  1.   Reserve Rights

If I want to edit, delete or replace content with pictures of kittens. I can. It’s mine after all. 

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