Day 5: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: 30g of coco snaps + water (not at work)
  • Lunch: Tin of the staple  tomato soup + token pitta
  • Dinner: chilli con carne from a tin served over penne
  • “Treat”: value bag of salt and vinegar chipsticks 

Saturday morning. I get up and fix myself a bowl of the trusty coco snaps, with tap water this time as I’m not able to pilfer milk from work today.

Not as yum as with milk but I’m still happy with the result! It’s definitely my best buy of the week at 83p a box together with the tomato soup (25p a can).

I’ve survived the night post tin of chili con carne and my stomach is rumble free as I get ready for this afternoon. I have a first date with a guy I’ve been chatting to online. This could prove interesting with the challenge!

We agree to meet in Hamble and take the tinpot pink ferry over to Warsash. The captain (a local legend and real life bearded Captain Birdseye) welcomes us aboard and off we steam. 

So far so good – sea air is free to enjoy and the banter is flowing. We dock at Warsash and make our way over to a pub in the marina. Food….Drink…. Uhoh…. However I successfully employ my feminine wiles to procure a diet coke courtesy of my lovely date!

Back to Hamble on the pink vessel and we duck inside a second pub, the Bugle. It’s a cosy establishment with an open fire and an amusing barman. Winner. 

I ponder what to do regarding second drink protocol. I wouldn’t say I was a feminist as such but I prescribe to the Destinys Child school of independent woman and always prefer to ‘go dutch’ on a first date. However I will just have to swallow that principle along with the second coke my chivalrous companion has kindly bought me.

“Question: tell me what you think about me”…. Sorry Beyoncé… 😔

The evening draws to a close, talk turns to a second date and with a mischievous grin I offer to cook him a meal next week, promising it will be like no other he’s had before (that’s for sure!).

Return to the ranch and prepare for round 2 of the tinned chili con carne, this time over penne. At 55p a tin and with a pinch of chilli powder from my housemate’s cupboard it’s actually delicious! I consider whether my palate has changed as the week’s gone on but either way – a successful meal from my perspective!

Dexter certainly seems to agree. As he trots in from the kitchen -judging by the neat ring of brown around his chops he too has had his snout in the tin!

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