Day 11:  Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: porridge + office milk
  • Lunch: fish finger butty green salad and carrots 
  • “Treat”: value yoghurt, salt and vinegar value chipsticks 
  • Dinner: casserole with meatballs 

Up at dawn’s crack this morning as I’m off to the BBC Radio Solent studios, I’ve been invited onto the Breakfast Show with Julian Clegg! 

Too excited to eat my porridge before leaving the house, I sit waiting in a hexagonal room with glass walls. Behind each glass pane is a different studio and sat in the centre of the room you feel like you’re a subject in a psychological testing centre with one way glass! I can see Julian through one of windows chatting on air…

The lovely breakfast team made me feel really welcome and soon enough we’re on air. The challenge is the topic of today’s ‘big conversation’ on the phone ins and I was fortunate enough to get some advice from a nutritionalist. Apparently the porridge is the best way to start a day but she was less than impressed with my tins and tiger bread (I will concede the first one). Some really helpful tips from some phone in listeners and my friend Jane committed to come foraging with me on the air after confessing she thought I’d get rickets!

At 10am it all wrapped up and it was back to HQ to earn my living! 

Lunchtime and I’m utilising yesterday’s bargains – green salad, carrots, tiger bread together with some value fish fingers (65p for ten). Fish finger butty is top lunch to date by far! It’s a pretty balanced meal and as I lay down my fork I’ve definitely haddock enough as I head back to my desk to get on with salmon else…

Before long it’s time to head back to the studio for the evening. The challenge is featuring on BBC South Today and I’m due to be live on the sofa with Sally Taylor.

I arrive at the studio with my housemate Lou. The receptionist mistakes me for the boxer they’re apparently also featuring and I immediately regret the shoulder pads! We scoot down to hair and makeup. Sat under the glare of the lights and staring at myself in the enormous mirror I feel glad it’s not in HD! 

I’m invited onto the couch and literally hair sprayed into position! As the program starts it’s bizarre watching Sally only a few feet away at the desk going out live on air. Half way through the show and it’s time to talk about the challenge…

You can watch the interview clip on Facebook on BBC South.

Sally did mention off air that she and a few of the crew were contemplating trying the challenge for a week! I’m still disappointed she wasn’t able to come round for dinner to enjoy my meatball casserole (being a veggy) but here it is in all its 45p glory!

It’s been a truly incredible day and I’ve received lots of really helpful ideas and tips for making my pounds go further. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the challenge brings.

Day 11 – totally smashed!! 

1 Comments on “Day 11:  Live below the poverty line – £1 a day”

  1. You mean nutritionist?
    Supermarket fruit and veg can be affordable with some planning.
    I never spend over £60 a month on food and I don’t eat tinned food.


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