Day 14: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: porridge + office milk
  • Lunch: skeleton soup + tiger bread
  • Dinner: stir fry + noodles + hot dogs
  • ‘Treat’: value yoghurt, value cheese puffs 

2 weeks into the challenge a further two pounds lost, taking my challenge total to just shy of seven pounds.

In monetary terms by my reckoning I’ve spent £6.55 on food this week, including:

  • Grapes – 5p
  • Scotch eggs – 4p
  • Doughnuts – 15p
  • Lettuce – 25p
  • Dip – 10p
  • Yoghurts – 66p
  • Grated carrot – 10p
  • Casserole vegetables- 10p
  • Meatballs in gravy – 35p
  • Fish fingers – 60p
  • Green salad – 10p
  • Tiger loaf – 10p
  • French stick – 10p
  • Chicken bones – free
  • Meal in Skipchen – £1
  • Stir fry veg – 15p

I’ve not let any items from last week’s budget go to waste – using up leftover hotdogs, penne, onions and crisps over the course of the week.

Tonight’s dinner is another woopsie aisle winner – stir fry and noodles (coming in at 35p) with the last two remaining stumpy hotdogs (bet you’d forgotten about those!).

Bit of soy sauce would set this little lot sizzling a treat but sadly it’s not in my budget and perfectly delicious with flavours infusing from a ‘well used’ frying pan!

I’ve got a huge vat of soup that will last me a week, thank you again for that cracking suggestion. As promised here is the recipe:

Skeleton soup

  1. Chicken bones
  2. New potatoes 
  3. Carrots
  4. Onions
  5. (Any other vegetables in your budget – celery would be good and some garlic and parsley)

  • Cover chicken in water (a few centimetres grace above), add a splash of acid (apple cider vinegar is reportedly best but regular Sarsons or lemon juice will work) and bring to the boil. 
  • Reduce and leave to bubble away on a low heat for 6 hours.
  • Peel and chop the carrots and onions and add them to the cauldron, cackling as you do.
  • Chop but don’t peel the potatoes and repeat cackle, only with more gusto.
  • Leave on a low heat for a further 90 mins to 2 hours (depending on length of the film).
  • Remove any bones you can by hand and then use a siv and spoon to separate the good stuff into a blender/food processor (with some of this goodness straining through the siv into the stock). 

  • Once in blender, blitz it up to desired smoothness adding a cup of stock to assist whizzing process.
  • Note: If blades don’t turn, first check you’ve turned it on at the plug (schoolgirl error don’t worry) if that still doesn’t fix problem give the plastic a wiggle and use your favourite vintage curse words. Here I used “heavens to Betsy” but “gadzooks” and “fiddlesticks” will also work a treat.

  • Add the good stuff (hopefully it looks like the paste below) to a new pan and warm through, adding ladles of stock until you are happy with the consistency. 
  • An optional yodel as you ladle will improve both flavour and mood “yodel-ladle-yodel-ladle-yodel-ladle-hoo”.

  • Serve with a grin and hearty wedge of reduced bread – the bigger the reduction the better the taste!

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