Day 17: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: porridge + office milk
  • Lunch: warburton thins x3 + rocket, watercress, spinach + “Brussels pate”
  • Dinner: reduced cheese sandwich (poor decision)

The porridge oats are the horn of plenty! A decent source of fibre (and magnesium apparently) and I’m still using up last week’s pack. 

I’m feeling somewhat saturated by four days of skeleton soup, there’s only so much of it you can take and so decide to freeze the remainder for a rainy day. Whoopsie aisle wins in the form of a reduced pack of warburton thins and a bag of watercress, rocket and spinach make for a more exciting lunch over the next two days when paired with a Brussels pate (60p) from Tesco.

I am buzzing about my little 8p green bag of iron, all I need now is some sailor tattoos, a pipe and to slurr my speech and I’m ready to save Olive from any peril.

Lunch time and a number of people in the office have also opted for the thins and are suitably miffed at having paid ten times the amount. At 16p they’re a tasty steal and I munch them pretty smugly.

It’s Thursday evening and I’m off to the annual southern corporate finance drinks. I deliberately position myself on the other side of the room to the buffet. This does not of course prevent people from finding it highly amusing to waft various pieces of food under my nose and chew loudly. 

Time rolls on and it’s now around 11pm and I realise haven’t eaten since 1pm. Coming out of a bar at this time, I’m drawn on autopilot towards the line of chip shops on Bedford Place – like a greasy old moth to a flame. I resist temptation and instead duck into the mini Sainsburys on a quest for a reduction. 

Alas! I’ve missed the boat and everything is too expensive save for a lowly cheese sandwich reduced to 60p. However by this point I’m fairly desperate and begrudgingly cough up for the rubbishy sandwich.

My strategy of making big batches and otherwise sourcing my food from the whoopsie aisles is all well and good for a healthy bargain when you are able to get to the supermarket at the right times. Tonight has proved it’s not always practical and I end up forking out a (relative) fortune for freshness and convenience.

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