Day 21: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: cornflakes + office milk
  • Lunch: warburton thins + pate
  • Dinner: leftover burns night supper
  • ‘Treat’: value yoghurt 

It’s day 21 and the end of my third week – I’m now firmly on the home stretch…

Lunchtime and I’ve lucked out with warburton thins at x 9 for 10p – trouncing my previous record of 16p for x 6. I am delighted with my new PB.

Today is the fourth Monday in January and some colleagues have devised a cunning plan to ‘beat the blues with a biryani’ at lunch. The gusto I have for the (comparatively paltry) warburton thins diminishes a little as the spicy aroma of Indian takeaway fills the break out area but I know mine was substantially cheaper and I cling to that thought.

Week 4 and I’m starting to get this budget strategy nailed, a combination of bulk cooking and raiding the whoopsie aisles for fresh food bargains seems like the way to go. I recognise that getting to the aisles at the optimum time in order to get my snout in the trough can be a bit of a barrier to fresh produce within the budget. It certainly isn’t necessarily always practical for those with families or those who work at those times.

This little packet caught my eye today, it claims to offer the diner ‘five a day’ all in one pack. If a little patronising, it appeals to those seeking a simple, quick and convenient solution to ticking the five a day box. However at £3 for 400g of a few cucumber sticks, melon, pineapple chunks, tomatoes and beans it probably wouldn’t fill a rabbit up! Even at the reduced price it still blows my budget out of the water. It is a good example of a) the price of fresh food and b) the premium we can pay for convenience.

It’s the end of week 3 and time to see the scores on the doors, I’ve lost a further 2 pounds taking the total loss to 9 pounds overall. I’ve come in under budget this week, mainly from utilising leftovers, the horn of plenty porridge and the skeleton soup so I’ve bought some value chocolate to celebrate tomorrow!

The haggis is a bit on the dry side on the second day so I use the remnants of the sweet and sour sauce jar to moisten it up and give it some kick (sounds gross but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). The Kung Po Haggis is a hit with me and Dexter!

Week 3 done. Boom boom pow!

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