Day 23: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: porridge + office milk
  • Lunch: warburton thins + Florida salad (15p)
  • Dinner: pasta chicken and bacon (33p) + some more of the cucumber (7p)
  • ‘Treat’: free pear + melon + four grapes (fruit Wednesday)

I’ve reverted back to the porridge, I haven’t found a better item of breakfast filler for my bunce and I have a cunning plan for the leftover cornflakes this week…

Lunchtime and I’ve got the last of my nine for 10p Warburton thins (frozen for freshness) this time combi’d up with a tropical medley from the reduced section. ‘Florida salad’ – a unique combination of cabbage, peach, pineapple, apple, mandarin and cream in a mayonnaise dressing. Best way to sum it up would be ‘um bongo coleslaw’.

I don’t generally enjoy fruit and dairy together (unwelcome flashbacks of 90s carnation milk over tinned peaches), however for 15p it certainly fills a hole.

End of work and time to dash back to the ranch, it’s my housemate’s 35th birthday today and she’s been dreading it for weeks. Unbeknown to her, my neighbour Claire and I have planned a surprise party and enlisted the help of her workmate Rel to keep her away so the mischief can commence.

My kitchen is brimming with people but more specifically people eating party snacks – pink wafers, chilli heatwave Doritos (my utter fave), a chilli con carne rustled up by Claire and a whopping chocolatey birthday cake, all of which I can’t eat (not in the spirit of the challenge). 

Rather than bah-humbug I gobble down my reduced chicken and bacon pasta and focus my mind off the food and onto the entertainment- We’re taking Lou back to school with a piñata and pass the parcel.


Today I got to be part of a lovely surprise for a friend and the challenge got coverage in the Daily Mail and Mirror.

Thank you for your kind support- Day 23 – totally brilliant!











2 Comments on “Day 23: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day”

  1. i have to live on this type of budget day to day, due to being out of work, isolated , depressed and anxiety ridden. it’s nice your doing this and donating to charity but what good is it doing anyone ? nothing cause this government do not care about anyone. gd luck with your journey.


  2. What a great blog! If I tell you that it reminds me of what I ate when I was an articled clerk, you’ll know that I’m an elderly solicitor. I recall something call texturised vegetable protein……………

    Good luck

    Patrick Stevens


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