Dear future husband: karma

Dear future husband,

None of my novelty dating escapades have so far brought me to you. It’s time to do some lateral thinking and invoke the power of the universe. Rather than performing a Geri Halliwell style rain dance, my sidekick Orme and I have sidestepped the Lycra and braved the smoggy streets of Laaandon armed with a pack of postit notes to spread some positive karma and pearls of wisdom.

What goes around comes back around as JT once said…

Whilst out do-gooding I was literally accosted by the karma police, not once but twice. It turns out the London Met really reeeally hate postit notes… Fortunately your future wife’s years of legal training, wit and dastardly cunning got her out of a sticky situation and off scot free. 

In sad news I had to face the fact it was time to sack Orme and get a new lookout that wasn’t always drunk or attracting negative karma with that ginger mop of hers.

Here’s hoping after spreading the love some comes back my way.

Your karma chameleon



P.S. Surprise flowers sent to work from a mystery sender known only as “Mr Inconvenient”, who is this phantom bouquet sender? All will be revealed in my next letter…

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