Hitch hiking challenge

Seven days.
No money.
Four intrepid souls.
Infinite possibilities.

This month’s challenge is to flee Blighty and get as far away from the UK as possible, conquering Europe in seven days without spending a single penny on transportation. Can it be done? We think so.

Myself and Jaf are teaming up to pit our wits against my brother Rob and our gullible friend Liz and racing across mainland Europe in a bid for adventure and raise money for charity.

Which team will get the farthest? Where will we end up? Who will we meet? And just how shiny IS Jaf’s head?

For answers to all of these questions please follow the blog to track our progress and you can even sponsor us a penny a mile on the link below. (If we make it as far as 1,000 miles that’s £10 – simples!)


The four renegades are raising money for the lovely people at the Oakhaven hospice and Alzheimers research UK.

image image image image

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