Single bells, single bells, single all the way – how to be single at Christmas!

Christmas is one of life’s few constants, you can always remember where you were this time last year and as such it becomes a time of reflection, bringing into sharp focus where you are and what has befallen you in the last twelve months. If you are not posting images of you smugging it up in matching knitwear with your other half then you have officially failed at life. Go directly to jail please, do not pass go, do not collect £200 you massive loser.

I am joking of course. However there are fewer things less palatable to a singleton at Christmas than the over the top #feelingblessed merry couple post, even a gym selfie, FarmVille invitation or a self-important extremist political rant post are easier reads. But remember as JK Rowling tweeted on Christmas Day:

“at this time of year we’re bombarded with images of perfect lives, which bear as little relation to reality as tinsel does to gold…Christmas Day is in the end just a day, it isn’t a test or a scorecard of you or your life so be kind to yourself”. 

Rowling is spot on. Christmas is a couple of days to spend it as you wish, so rise above the one upmanship and follow these tips to have yourself a marvellous single Crimbo!

1. Rock your PJs and hairy legs like a boss

Embrace the fact you have no one on your back to moan about your hairy legs/man beard or lady garden, let it all out and bask in your own state of chimp like being, add to that your comfiest fluffiest pyjamas/onesie and socks, veg out on the sofa with some chocolate/other tasty naughty treat and smug it up on your comfy cloud. No judgement.

2. Me me me

Christmas is about giving but that goes for yourself too, be kind to yourself particularly as this is not an easy time. Rejoice in the fact you’ve saved a few quid not buying your other half (+ any out-laws or family members) a present and spend the money on you instead, treat yourself to a massage, haircut, new bike, blender…whatever it is that makes you feel good. 

3. Give as you would hope to receive

If you find yourself with some spare time this holiday, why not volunteer or give some of the money saved in tip 2 to charity? The buzz you get from helping others is unparalleled and you allow you to meet new and kind people, all the while knowing that secretly you are trumping said smug friends in karma points. 

4. Don’t wallow

Be cautious not to spend entire time on your tip 1 comfy cloud, lest you end up wallowing. Go out for a walk outside in the fresh air and countryside, take your dog or borrow someone else’s ( and build in some distractions. Some fresh air and quiet often is a good healthy place to reflect and make epic plans for the new year.

5. Swipey swipey

If you’re not already online, get online dating. Have a little scout out what’s out there before the raft of joiners in January when subscribers soar in the aftermath of Christmas and more divorce petitions get filed than at any other time. Even if you’re not ready for a relationship, get swiping, chatting and boost your ego a little (making sure you are not unfairly leading people on in the process of course). 

If you are already online dating then be proactive and send a few messages, don’t just wait for people to come to you as its the equivalent of standing mute in the corner of a party behind the cheese and pineapple expecting to be centre of attention.

6. Mates mates mates

Build in some time to have fun with friends, perhaps catch up with old school friends you don’t often see, send a msg to a friend the other side of the world or someone you intended to catch up with this year but weren’t able to. Now is the time to extend a little goodwill and reignite old friendships as they can open new doors. 

7. Say toodle pip boring life and hello world

If you are at a loose one this holiday with itchy feet, then why not book a cheap getaway or city break for yourself. The chance to explore a new country or place on no-ones schedule but your own and if you’ve not done it before it can be strangely liberating (see my blog post on my guide to solo travelling). You can always do the comfy cloud thing at times in your hotel room but at least when you’re asked the question what did you do for Christmas, you can reply with a gutsy horizon broadening answer that will floor all the smuggers!

However you spend your Christmas, just remember as the saying goes, “you are not single, you are in a long term relationship with adventure and fun!”

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