Day 0: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

5 January and still wallowing in a post Christmas sugar and carb coma this morning , I spotted JCI’s £1 a day challenge and decided to see if I could live for a week below the poverty line. Hunger is the world’s number one health risk – killing more people than Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined.

First challenge – planning the week’s meals. As a single woman in the city I’m used to eating on the hoof, spunking cash on fajitas, currys, stir frys (if it can be made quickly by frying chicken, onions chorizo and veg I’ll do it). Pre-planning is not an option (tried it a few times and end up with lots of rotten veg) my cupboards would normally cause mother Hubbard to gawp!

I’ve hatched a plan using Tesco online to ensure my ingredients come in under £7. Grand ideas of fresh veg are quickly quashed as it’s just too expensive, I quickly learn that tins are the way forward. 

£1 is proving a struggle not helped by my violent aversion to rice (caused by childhood overindulgence). I am impressed by what I can buy with my pennies – did you know 16p can get you a tin of mushy peas or x4 value chocolate mousse (I’m particularly excited about this last one).

Off to Tesco…

Struck by how “beige” my trolley looks and the number of tins! Spotted four fairly hench male students in rugby gear stocking up. The blonde one is being mocked by the other three for buying super noodles… I scoot quickly passed with my trolley hoping they won’t spot all my tins!

Disappointed that my local doesn’t do the mousses… Have had to substitute these in for some value crisps (as my daily treat) taking the budget over by 32p, irritating. Meat is a luxury I can ill afford so have opted for hot dogs as they are cheap and jovial (the funny side might wear off!).

Back at the ranch to spread out my spoils!

The “last supper” on day 0- a fatty takeaway pizza from Tesco, my guilty pleasure and a death row meal contender. At £3.50 it’s a sobering thought that this one item is worth half the budget for my coming week… 

Housemate, Lou, makes sticky toffee pudding and I veg on the sofa savouring the full feeling!

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