Day 2: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: 30g of coco snaps + office milk
  • Lunch: Tin of tomato soup + 1 pitta
  • Dinner: Tupperware full of last night’s penne 

Day starts well with the trusty coco snaps. The challenge is attracting a lot of interest at work and I’ve now had over 1,000 hits on the blog which is great news.

Wednesday’s are dubbed ‘fruit Wednesdays’ in our office where fruit is provided to staff for free. I seize the opportunity (as would any poverty stricken soul) to take any vitamin C I can get.

Regrettably a completion meeting in the morning means by the time I’m free to attack the fruit bowl the snouts have already been at the trough…

Slim pickings but I’ve got my eye on one…

I know what you’re thinking  “a perfect pear”…

I neck the value tomato soup and gobble the pitta… the afternoon flies by and it’s off to Lakeside for the world championship darts…

Front row seats – result!

I slip passed the doormen busy checking bags and manage to smuggle in my contraband tupperware full of last night’s pasta (if accosted I had planned to feign an elaborate allergy). 

Not buzzing about the prospect of eating this again for dinner as you can see...

However I soon perk up after a high five from Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams and being thrown (and completely failing to catch) one of his strobe pens.

The atmosphere is incredible, I spot several larger than life specimens in the room who might benefit from doing this challenge…! 

The fog has lifted at Lakeside since the smoking ban in 2007 leaving with it the lingering smell of fried food and vinegar. Jugs of carlsberg litter the tables as the inhabitants’ firm poison of choice. I sip awkwardly at my tap water and kick the contraband tupperware under the table hoping not to look too much like a fun sucker.

Following my previous disappointment with the hotdogs, I’ve heard a rumour there are 2ft jumbo sausages here so I eagerly hunt these out…

The hotdogs didn’t come out as epically on camera as I’d hoped, however it was cringey enough pushing into the middle of a cue of ravenous darts fans to explain I just wanted a selfie with the pork blighters. I was not about to get into a debate about adjusting the contrast.

A kindly rotund onlooker wearing a short sleeve shirt emblazoned “daddy doggy” offers to help Sarah and I take a clearer photo of a sausage, we politely decline and scurry off. No thanks daddy.

Midnight and I return home. I’ve had a cracking evening and have stuck to my challenge. Looking forward to day 3!

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