Day 8: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: porridge
  • Lunch: French stick hummus thing and lettuce
  • Dinner: Penne tomato and hotdogs
  • “Treat”: Doughnut + half pack grapes + 1 scotch egg

1 girl…. 2 hours…. 6 supermarkets…. £1 a day!

Last night I attempted to take bargain hunting to a whole new level, undertaking a supermarket crawl of epic proportions. 

7pm – 9pm and it’s twighlight zone at the whoopsie aisles…

First stop – Waitrose, maybe I’ll get some reduced manchego or focaccia!

I stop a kind looking lady stacking shelves to enquire where the reduced items are. I learn that 8.30pm is the optimum time for reductions with items being reduced in their original locations so it’s a case of wandering around eyes peeled. “Golly, good luck” responds the lady cheerily as I explain about the challenge and scoop up a large lettuce (25p). How very waitrose.

 I’ve no time to linger until half 8 so I move on to the next gig.

Sainsburys next. 

There are a few meats reduced in the woopsie aisle but at £1.50+ it’s all too much and not quite enough. The lady labelling meat informs me that 9pm is prime time for a reduction in this store, again I’ve peaked a little too early…

I wander to the bakery section and spot a number of items already reduced. I start chatting to the baker about my challenge and enquire whether the items will be knocked down further. The charming baker asks me which item I had my eye on and I point longingly at the jam doughnuts. Before I’ve had time to lick my lips, he’s pulled out his pricing gun and does me a cracking deal at 15p for the 5 – I’ve never been more aroused in a supermarket! 

Muffin ventured muffin gained! *groan*

Next stop supermarket number 3 – Aldi….

Only to be told they “don’t do reductions”, poor show Aldi.

Off to Tescos 24 hour operation. By the looks of the woopsie aisles I’ve missed the boat here. However I still snaffle some grapes (5p) a hummus thing (10p) and 2 sausage rolls (4p). 

I take my goods to the till, 19p for all 3 items – result! 

I pay with a fiver, collect the change and place it all straight into the charity pot. I collect my goodies and walk off smirking, leaving behind a confused cashier…

Next up it’s supermarket 5 – Lidl. Let’s see what the Germans can offer!

Alas! It’s the same story as Aldi from what I could tell (although not confirmed by Lidl staff). Disappointing news but I remain buoyant with my bounty thus far.

Wasting no time, it’s off to Asda for my sixth and final stop. I’ve heard legend that you can get some of the best fresh produce knockdowns here. I find a smiley blonde girl in the frozen aisle who, after I explain about the challenge, guides me to all the hotspots in the store! 

7pm is the time to hit Asda. Apparently goods get snaffled very quickly indeed so you need to be there. I buy my porridge anyway, some yoghurts (33p for 4) and a huge French stick knocked down to 10p and consider the visit a good reconnaissance mission.

Outside in central Southampton attempting a photo, a group of guys begin shouting “selfie” and one of them comes up to ask if he can be in it. I laugh and instinctively decline but then immediately wish I’d actually said yes!

It’s been a hard evening’s work but all in all I’ve got a good little hoard with some treats to see me through the next few days.

As I wander back to the car I consider what has happened to my life since embarking on this challenge and what I’m doing at 9pm taking selfies outside Asda with my 10p oversized french stick…

More anon!

6 Comments on “Day 8: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day”

  1. Loving the blog. Thought it worth to mention that I noticed a local fruit and veg shop selling a carrier bag of veg for £1. Looked good veg too. If you look in the right places you can get reasonably priced veg eg not supermarkets.


  2. I once bought a medium sized loaf- mediterranean bread – from tescos around 9pm – it was £0.01 – bargain of the century

    nowadays … as walking back from the gym in Swindon – I pop into a big asda – bread reductions – best one was a mahooooosive loaf of hedgehog bread – this beast was about 3ft long and weighed nearly a kilo – for 10p

    keep up the good work babe.


  3. Lidl is German.
    Asda is one of the best for cheap food.
    I tend to buy my fresh produce from street vendours (not in fancy London markets, just local ones) and Tesco’s Value brand.


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