Day 9: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day

  • Breakfast: porridge + work milk
  • Lunch: French stick hummus-thing and lettuce
  • “Treat”: Doughnut + half pack grapes + 1 scotch egg + ‘fruit Wednesday’ work freebies – 1 banana and 2 squares of melon
  • Dinner: leftover pasta (as pretty full from most excellent treats)

It’s my second morning on the porridge and I’m still experimenting with milk ratios and viscosity. Yesterday’s effort was a tad on the chewy side. My friend Jane is a vocal advocate of porridge cement and I am developing ‘Goldilocks disorder’ trying to find out what works for me. However gloopy, runny or solid, it’s still proving effective at fuelling a morning.

My wins at the woopsie aisles are keeping me going, despite dates now having expired. 

Mid-morning snacks today are half a packet of grapes at 5p a bag and and 2 scotch eggs (mislabeled below as sausage rolls), 2p each. 

“I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down in my belly.” Ron Burgandy

Lunchtime and my french stick is long enough to feed me for a few days… at 10p it is half the height of my friend Lucy. Bless.

It’s the second day of the bread which is pretty hard now. However after a blast in the oven it’s a little crouton-like but when accompanied by the hummus- thing and lettuce it’s utterly delicious and as fresh as Kool & the Gang!

Most people are in one of three camps when it comes to food expiration, you’re either:

a) a neurotic ‘fridge-warden’ you set daily calendar reminders to tell you which offending items require disposal, you create colour coded spreadsheets to ensure you’re getting your calcium, iron, and potassium intake for the week and you can see nothing wrong in wearing your crocs outside the home…;

b) a casual ‘flinger-outer’ who, once expired, will bin something off without so much as a backwards glance, an apology or a crumb of care for anyone’s feelings… *sob*;

Or you’re 

c) a hardcore ‘hoarder’, you relish bragging about your mould scraped loaves, you love to tell us how many furry yoghurts you’ve had and make constant references to your whopping immune system… *sigh*.

If you don’t know which camp you’re in then, like me, it’s probably b) a casual flinger-outer. So I think it’s time you and I got a little bit floozier with our food… 

According to we in the UK throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes each year, that’s an average of £60 a month in each household. Using common sense and the scratch and sniff method, I’m getting kicks where I can and boasting about my fluffy, blue, bargainous or crusty bits to anyone who will listen and I encourage you to do the same!

Day 9 – done!

*items in fridge are all my housemate’s – save the yoghurts 

** yes I’m wearing flat boots

1 Comments on “Day 9: Live below the poverty line – £1 a day”

  1. Good luck with this Alice. I just wanted to add that I have been living on approximately £40 per month for 2 years (benefits in less commitments/bills paid out). This has to include £10 for a haircut and the remainder for food and toiletries and any other eventualities (postage stamps etc.). Clearly no money for clothes and shoe repairs. However, living on less than a pound a day for food just needs a little bit of thought, planning and looking for bargains. I am sure you will be fine and well done for donating to charity.


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