Dear future husband – dating challenge

Dear future husband,

This is your wife… well I should say more accurately, her 26 year old self. 

I’m 27 next month so it would be great if you could think about pitching up sometime in the next few years as I want to be able to share that ice cream on the ferris wheel without worrying too much about the calories…. Also if I eat much more of the stuff, this might impede my ability to run gracefully through an airport arrivals gate and leap like a salmon into your arms. 

Incidentally I’m 6ft and a half inch so there’s quite a lot of me to lift… You might want to get those dumbbells out now – as a heads up from me to you… I sure hope you’re a dreamboat!

So why am I writing to you at all? Well, I’m undertaking a challenge this month, circumnavigating the treacherous waters of the dating sea and attempting all the quirky and interesting things the cool kids in 2015 are doing to try and find someone like you. 

I will be writing you a letter after each experience to tell you all about it and give you these one day, they might help you know what you should try to emulate. Maybe you will even feature… Incidentally if that does happen and I’m not as complimentary about you as I should then I apologise in advance (but you probably could have been better behaved).

Yours curiously,


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