Rally Day 3 – Paris to Luxembourg via Belgium 

Day 3 – Paris to Luxembourg via Belgium  
We have three countries to conquer today including one I’ve never visited. We start the day sailing through the rolling hills of the genuine champagne region of France (still a sore topic with me) before stopping for a cheeky tyre change at the disused Reims race track.

Lionel has challenged us to get the most unusual photo of the day and there have been some epic attempts made by other teams including a staged bank heist with French police officers. It’s time to up our game. The Mario bros enter Ikea and the flatpack world of dreams is our stage…

We screech out of the car park with only a few dodgy looks, a hotdog and some awesome snaps and head to our check point at the biggest campsite in Luxembourg via Belgium.  

The bags of cassette tapes are proving an excellent decision as old gems are making a come back, in particular Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Cher and Queen. To kill time we attempt a Wayne’s world style ‘bohemian rhapsody’ video.  

At the campsite we tuck into some cracking wine boxes sourced from Carrefour and bed in the barn for the night with our fellow rallyers. There is a live band on, who to their credit, were awesome but it’s a tough gig playing to an English crowd on the evening of an England rugby world cup match. Their performance is sadly eclipsed by the televisions next to them. Two fellow rallyers dressed as Laurel and Hardy crash the stages to half time and begin to dust and polish the band and their instruments which amuses the crowd.

The Carrefour wine proves to be rocket fuel and we party on into night three like troopers.

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